Red !

Next to portraits, I love still life. I love to portray (or show) the absence of someone or the loneliness that I feel by photographing the objects/things very close to them. I’ve tried many shots before, but this was the one where i really felt, how would it be when my senior(friend) leaves the institute. He sits and works all through the day there, everyday at 4 pm we used to go for tea. After September i’ll be going alone………

P.S: This was my favorite of the 36 shots from this roll. I wanted the red color of the cushion in chair and the soft lighting from the window, it came as i expected 😀


26 thoughts on “Red !

    • no sandeep… everythin was there.. in the sense its the research scholars room… i saw one evenin empty n luckily i was there with my minolta 🙂

  1. That is an absolutely stunning shot – I love the lighting, the high contrast and particularly the red shade of the chair. It underlines the lonesome and melancholic atmosphere even more. That is a real masterpiece – many compliments!!!

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