Due to the increase in the intake of the students, there are new hostels being built up in our campus, obviously lot of constructions sites in our hostel zone. One such construction site is near my hostel, the people who work here are mostly from northern part of India. Its a common thing everywhere, that people who migrate from other parts of the state will be underpaid and will have less privileges. But they are happy with it.

    I approached them,  and they happily allowed me to take photographs.  Most of them are posed shots, even-though i would love to shoot natural poses which  takes a lot of effort starting from gaining their confidence by being one among them.

| Construction Worker |

|The Guard |


26 thoughts on “Workers

  1. Very good series TGV, it doesn’t matter if they’re posing or not!
    I like the hopeful expression on the face of the first worker, and the strong expression on the second portrait, as if he was fighting for his life.
    The last shot is very intense, you should send it to a photo contest, it’s one of my favourites here so far!
    I hope life be good to all of them.
    Looking forward to see more of your work soon. 😉

  2. That is a wonderful series and even though the photographs are posed, you really captured the atmosphere of the place and personality of those men. I particularly like the black and white portrait, the slightly viewpoint from above, the gorgeous lighting and the wonderful depth of field make it a classic. Many compliments.

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