Its been  a month since I posted and i’ll be writing lots of posts in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile enjoy this one…

His bag which contains the money and the tickets 

  I took this shot last November, when i was travelling to Munnar (kerala) by bus with my friend.  We boarded the bus a minute before it started, so we got last the seat. I sat next to the conductor. Our trip was unplanned, we decided two days before the start, we knew very less about the place particularly no clue about the hotels. During the 3 hour journey, i started talking with him and we ended up having a nice chat till the end.  When we reached the destination, he helped us in finding the right guide for the trip who in turn helped us choosing the right hotel and also arranged a jeep for the site seeing.  Without his help ……….



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  1. Wonderful post! I guess we never know who we’ll meet or how they’ll help us (or how we’ll help them). Sounds like it must’ve been a good trip if you had such a good beginning!

    • It happened to me lots of times, and also i’m overcoming my shyness by talking with strangers who later become my friends

      Thanks Labrancaro, it was quick !!

  2. I like the lighting you had for this shot. Nice detail and a very interesting account of how you got a good guide who helped your entire visit.

  3. That’s a wonderful post! I hope you’ve had a great time in Munnar. I love your image a lot, it is very compelling. Composition and lighting are excellent. It’s always intriguing to read the story behind the image, thanks a lot for sharing.

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