First roll

     The Past few months I shot 3 rolls of Black and white film in various occasion. Since the developing cost for b/w film is extremely high ( 5 times the film), I decided to do it on my own. But I was delaying it, as I couldn’t find anyone teaching me.  Two weeks back, me and my uncle decided to give it a try in his home. After  surfing through a lot of materials in the net, we started the process.   And guess we developed the film on our own,  it was average. We were able to get nearly 25 out of 36 frames in a good finish.
      And then I developed the other two rolls in my hostel, I improved a lot. But there were few frames destroyed due to the finger prints while loading the film. Here are few shots from the first roll, that I took in Vedenthangal bird sanctuary.

Blissful morning
The Hunt starts
     After a our photo shoot in the sanctuary, we had a small breakfast at the road side shop. Well he is the son of the lady, who was cooking the food for us. There were very few shops nearby and he is the only kid in that vicinity . He was just roaming on the road trying to play, eventually got bored. I shot this, while he was having his breakfast.
  Hope you enjoyed it 😀


46 thoughts on “First roll

  1. Many years ago I learned to develop my own BW films, seeing the images appearing while the photographic paper was on the chemicals was a magic and special moment for me. Today people see “magic” when they use Photoshop… Things have changed.
    This sanctuary is amazing, the kind of place I would love to visit; the boy has a lovely expression. 😉

    • Ya its true … Now people spend more time with editing photos in photoshop than shooting
      I miss the option of printing my own photos using the enlarger.:(

  2. Awesome work! I am amazed by the sanctuary photos. You did a great job, especially considering you just learned how to develop!

    Have you figured out how to dodge and burn yet? I believe you can make even more magic with the top two photos by burning the sky the slightest bit. It takes a lot of practice (and even then, you can’t always get it right), but it can make a huge difference. 😀

  3. Great stuff!!! I love those photos from the bird sanctuary. That really looks like a place I would love, and your photos look so magical. You perfectly show-cased in those two photos why people still love b&w film.

    • The place is so calm during the early morning, you can read a book peacefully there. Evenings will be crowded
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Wow, very beautiful photos. I love the black and white.
    I’m really not a big fan of developing my own film either. I had a really hard time developing rolls in my photography class.

    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog, I do hope you will stop by again soon 🙂

  5. Sounds like quite an adventure in developing B&W films..but as you/we learn past century techniques we tend to become appreciative of new age technology.

    Nice B&W shots of the bird sanctuary. Never been there when I was in India but I’ve heard it’s a heaven for bird watchers.

    Innocence shot is real nice. The boy bears a nice smile.

  6. Thanks sasi for dropping by !!
    Ya thats rite, but still we try to imitate film in digital rather than going to film.

  7. Very nicely done.. great capture of that .. heron, is it?

    I’m glad that my interest in photography was born during this digital age. I know I wouldn’t have had the patience nor the financial means to enjoy the art with film and development costs. But I do admire those who dabble in film these days. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Hillary … No its Grey Pelican
      Ya its quite costly compared to digital, but it has a lot of surprises in store 🙂

  8. Five times the cost of film???
    A Fuji Neopan costs 100 bucks a film. And the best developer in the whole country charges 150 bucks a roll!
    It’s always nice to be in Bombay, I guess.
    But 5 times the cost of film is ridiculous!

  9. Those are amazing images, nothing beats black and white film. Long ago at school in art class we developed film with the help of our teacher. It was such an fascinating process and still feels like a wonder when I think back of how those images slowly appeared on the paper.

    The composition and lighting in the black and white images are very impressive. I love how the hills in the back recede away and almost seem to become air. And the portrait of the boy is just fabulous. Great work!

    • I wish i had a class like that ! But now i like the process where I shoot, develop … damn if i had a scanner i could add ‘and scan ‘ 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by

  10. I like the mystical feel of the photos. I also love working with film and greatly miss doing my own processing and printing – it’s so much fun! Nice job with yours.

  11. I want to do my own developing of b&w film too, but I’d have to import the chemicals and equipment as you can’t (to the best of my knowledge) get any of that in Guyana. Maybe when I win the lottery 🙂

    The bird sanctuary shots are amazing! I’ve tried before to capture trees covered in birds as in your scene, but have never managed the slightly spooky feel. You’ve done it perfectly here.

    • Thanks for visiting the blog…. You should visit the caeffenol blog, you can develop b&w film using instant coffee powder

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